Energy Efficiency and Tax Credits

All Window City Plus windows and patio doors have energy-efficiency options, and most qualify for a federal tax credit!

What makes windows and doors energy efficient?
1Superior Construction 

All of our premium windows and doors are constructed to maximize durability and energy efficiency. Insulating warm-edge spacers prevent heat and cold transfer around the edges of the glass, while multiple chambers within the vinyl create insulating air spaces to maximize thermal efficiency.

2Low-E Argon Gas

Low-E Argon Energy Efficient Gas between glass panes prevent heat loss in the winter and filters long-wave radiation to reduce solar heat during the summer. For a low price, this option may be added to all windows and doors Window City Plus offers, and qualifies our premium windows and doors for the federal tax credit!

3Proper Insulation

Premium windows and doors are installed with heavy-duty insulation to protect all areas around the windows and doors and prevents heat and cooling loss.

What is the federal tax credit for energy efficiency?
In order to promote energy savings, the government has been offering consumers rebates on certain ENERGY STAR qualifying home improvements filed with their tax returns. To learn more, click here.