Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Window City Plus manufacture windows?

A. No. We work with several manufacturers who compete to make windows to our standards, which drives prices lower and lower while maintaining the excellent quality we require. As a consequence, we are able to offer these windows for a much lower price than the manufacturers themselves.  We are also able to offer lines of premium windows not available at most other local companies.

Q. Does an in-home consultation cost me anything?

A. Not a dime. Our in-home consultations are 100% free, and are simply to provide you with an all-inclusive estimate. We strongly disagree with a “pushy sales” approach, nor will we prompt you to buy on that day—the quote is for your consideration only, with no obligation. Unlike many other local companies, our quote is exactly what it is: everything is included; there will be no false inflation of the price in order to offer “discounts” later; and we offer a guarantee that the price will never be increased.

Q. Will the people installing my project be employees of Window City Plus or subcontractors?

A. The professional installation crew at Window City Plus is made up of employees, NOT subcontractors, and they are familiar with all of our quality standards and are required to exhibit the professionalism we are known for at all times.  “Subcontractors” are workers brought in to do a job who are not affiliated with the company, and many businesses like to contract their installations out in order to avoid having to pay for employees when there is no work to be done.  We at Window City Plus believe in our employees and feel that a shared vision of excellence leads to consistent quality of installations.

Q. What makes windows “energy efficient,” and what does that mean for me?

A. Low-E Argon is an energy-efficient gas filler between the panes of your replacement window that provides superior insulation for your glass. In the summer it repels heat from the outside, while in the winter it keeps heat in your home, significantly lowering utility bills. We offer this option for all of our windows.