Types of Windows

When shopping for windows, it is helpful to know what kind of windows you need. Here are just some of the different types:

Double Hung
Double hung windows are the most common in many households. Both the top and bottom sash move up and down, and can be tilted in for easy cleaning.
Double Hung Drawing
Two-Lite Slider
Two-lite sliders have two sashes, but unlike the double hungs, the sashes in sliding windows go left to right. They are best used in spaces where the width is significantly greater than the height of the window, but can be used in any opening if you prefer the look.
Slider Drawing
Three-Lite Slider
Like the two lite, three-lite sliding windows have left and right sashes that move side to side, but the center sash is stationary. These are beautiful windows that look elegant in large openings.
3LS Drawing
Picture Window
Picture windows have a single, stationary sash. These are often used for large openings or areas where the homeowner does not wish an open window but wants the uncompromised view picture windows provide.
Picture Window Drawing
Awning Windows
Awning windows add increased visibility for taller, narrower spaces while still providing a bottom sash that can be raised to let in fresh air.
Awning Drawing

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